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What Vaccines does my dog need?

-We require the DHPP, Lepto, Bordetella and Rabies vaccine

We do not currently require the Flu vaccine, but if that is something that travels this way we will start to require it. 

Do you require dogs to be altered?

-We base acceptance on behavior but dogs must be altered at whatever age you and your vet feel is appropriate unless we've otherwise discussed.

Do you have an age requirement?

-We require puppies to have two sets of vaccines on board plus a waiting period after the second set. We 

Do you separate by size?

- We do have a small dog area separate but some small dogs enjoy being with the bigger dogs. So all dogs must be social with big and small dogs.

How do I get set up?

-Easiest way to get started is to sign up on our app( Paw Partner), there you can make a profile for yourself and your dog. You can even sign up for your first day on there. We do ask that you please make your first day appointment between 7-8 AM. This is to help your dog feel more comfortable. Its much easier being the first dog in and meeting their new friends one by one!


Boarding is $50 a night and $40 for additional same household dogs

We do offer packages for our daycare:

$20 - Behavioral Assessment

$30- Single Day

$112 - 4 Day Package (28 a day)

$208 - 8 Day Package (26 a day)

$300 - 12 Day Package (25 a day)

$450- Monthly Unlimited Daycare Package (And half off boarding)

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