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We are a structured based daycare. This means that when your dog comes to day camp with us we work with them on enrichment activities, obedience commands, recognizing social cues and how to properly interact in a balanced pack of dogs.

We are a cage free overnight boarding facility. Our staff stay with the dogs all night. They snuggle the pups and keep them safe.

They stay together in our boarding room, this is a big room with beds, couches and blankets. We also have crates available if your dog is more comfortable sleeping there.

 When you stay with the dogs all night and treat it more like home environment then dogs are less stressed. They eat better, sleep better and have a better time during their stay. 

Boarding is $60 a night and $50 for additional same household dogs

We do offer packages for our daycare:

$25 - Behavioral Assessment

$35- Single Day

$130 - 4 Day Package 

$245 - 8 Day Package

$350- 12 Day Package 

$475- Monthly Unlimited Daycare Package (And half off boarding)

Dogs must be up to date on shots and age appropriately spayed/neutered  


Boarding and Daycare Add On

  • Nail Trims/ Brush Outs

  • Frozen Kongs/ Puzzle Toys

  • Humboldt Pack Tracks, Long Outdoor Adventure Pack Hikes

  • Bay Trail Walks, Short Walk Along The Bay.

  • Video Chat, Private Video Chats With Your Pup While Your Away.

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